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This award is about finding people who are truly passionate about doing good, being great and creating extraordinary enterprises, for good.

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Listen to Roger James Hamilton as he describes who should apply and why.

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If you are an impact entrepreneur who is changing the world, you know how hard it is to find people who think like you – people who believe that one person and one business really can make a difference.

This is your opportunity to attend a 30-DAY BUSINESS SUCCESS INCUBATOR which gives you:

  1. Personalised mentoring
  2. Access to experts in all areas of business and life
  3. A blissful learning environment in a private Balinese resort
  4. The chance to take your message and your business impact to a global level
  5. The company of entrepreneurs who understand that one person and one business CAN make a difference.


What is iLab:

FInd out more about iLAB here

Held in Bali between 6th April – 5th May 2014, iLab is a unique 30-day incubator program that will dramatically accelerate your business’ progress in a way that no other consulting or in-house training can. It gives you the amazing opportunity to surround yourself with dynamic entrepreneurs and experts for instant support & feedback, attend training sessions on how to work remotely, and learn how to build a global, anytime-anyplace business.

Most importantly, at iLab you’ll also get an eye-opening look at all the ways you can make a positive difference in the world through your business.

The added bonus? It’s all held in a resort-style working environment, so you can get a taste of work life balance in paradise.


I’ve worked out that since being here at iLab, my “Why” is to help us connect to the things worth saving in this world. Promoting sustainability and alleviating the conflict between humans and animals.

What brought me to iLab is that I could see the direction that I was about to go into, and while I’m sure that I would have been somewhat fulfilled doing that, I wanted something bigger, and I wasn’t quite sure how to get clarity on what that was. So the reason I chose to come to iLab was that I could see a lot of the principles Roger was teaching were definitely in line with my values. Especially his aspect of giving back to the world.

Sundays are adventure days. We’ve had some really cool adventures like elephant rides, tree top adventures and that sort of thing. The way that it is structured like that is really great because you look forward to giving yourself permission to have time out on a new experience.

I didn’t realize how close minded I was before I came here. My mindset has totally shifted.

Emma Caldwell, Australia

Vision Villas Resort – The iLab Home:


Vision Villas Resort is located away from Bali’s tourist area resting close to the Traditional Heart of Bali’s cultural and spiritual coast and within close proximity to Ubud, it is luxurious with each Villa beautifully decorated and facilitated with daily amenities, outdoor showers, in-house massage Spa, beautiful swimming pool, water gardens, gorgeous outdoor pavilions and Bali’s most comprehensive library of books and DVDs – covering all subjects from health, wealth and leadership to relationships and personal growth.

The resort has one of the fastest internet connections available on the island, a self contained gymnasium, minutes from the local Masceti Beach, a fully equipped gourmet restaurant, cable tv and much more.

It is designed around Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Dynamics Profiling system, incorporating magnificent areas within the grounds specifically tailored to each of the 8 profiles, or energies, depending on what you want to achieve for that day. A bounty of co working spaces exist, tailored to group sessions or private individual work areas, including a dedicated skype office and seminar meeting room.

Vision Villas will ensure a memorable experience while in Bali, all the while tailored to co working, networking and mentoring as you Live The Dream in Paradise, at your Location Independent Office. Just imagine…

iLAB is More than Just a Program its an Experience:


It is a gathering of Entrepreneurs who share values and a bigger vision of the impact they want to have on the world. Your potential fellow participants all have skills and talents that they bring to iLAB to share with you. You will inevitably forge life long friendships and business connections as learn, grow and connect with the amazing people sharing the same 30 day journey.

The beauty of the iLAB is that we hand-pick a variety of industry experts who are leaders in their fields of both Business and Entrepreneurial success.  We only invite proven and trusted educators to empower you with the skill-set to ensure you can prepare both logistically and personally for what is required to position yourself to ‘work ON’ your business and reach the level of success and impact your aspire to.


I had no time for me. I had no time for life. I had no time for doing normal things. I’ve noticed that being here has actually loosened me up a bit. Its actually given me the ability to be so much more free with myself, so much more open to new suggestions, and open to new possibilities.

Everything has opened up. Honestly, if people are looking at coming into iLab it’s a small investment for a massive opportunity. 

What iLab does, is it opens up your mind, your brain, to be more fertile about where you’re going and how you’re getting there. It has enabled me to think way beyond my current understanding of thinking. It has challenged my frameworks of understanding, its actually pushed me beyond that. Its really help me grow as a person, in two short weeks I think I am a different person I was then when I walked in. NOT I think, I know I am a different person.

Its also helped me understand that I can connect with other entrepreneurs, and then maybe we can do business together. Its not about me… Its about the collective. Its about, how I can Ieverage my time more effectively, how I can work on my business more effectively, how I can grow more effectively, how I can be more productive more effectively. Two weeks have actually given me that.

Terri Bowman, Perth, Australia

Here are some of the iLAB industry experts you are going to meet in Bali, Indonesia during the April and May iLABS:


Roger Hamilton

Roger James Hamilton is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur.  He is the Founder of the Entrepreneurs Institute and  the creator of Wealth Dynamics and Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 100,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.  Each year, Roger meets with leading changemakers and entrepreneurs at his Fast Forward Your Business Events, held in Asia, Australia, UK and USA.  Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: Collectively shaping a brighter future through 3 catalysts of change – Entrepreneurship, Education and Environment.

montyMonty G. Hooke

Monty G. Hooke has been the director of several companies and involved in the startup of countless businesses during his professional life. A true entrepreneur with a passion for business, personal development & mentoring others, who started his journey with his first business at eight years old.

Now, as the Director of ‘Ezy VA, Monty works with hundreds of business owners around the world to help them get their time back and build their businesses without relying on them doing the work or even being in it. As an expert in using leverage in business, outsourcing and building virtual teams, Monty travels the world teaching entrepreneurs to develop their natural gifts and talents, build teams, and spend their time doing that which they love, to build their ideal business and lifestyle.

miaMia Munro

Mia Munro is an International Presenter (Both Stage and Film), Facilitator and ‘Instrument for Influence’ in global communities. She speaks passionately about creating Businesses & Wealthy lives ‘The Unconventional Way’. Shedding conformed philosophies that keep you stuck! She encourages you to ‘Get Naked’ to reveal your smoothest path to Ultimate freedom in life.


paulPaul Dunn

Paul Dunn is the marketing guru behind the success of many ground-breaking business ventures. People call him ‘Wizard of WOW’ because Paul is about turning normal into abnormal – ordinary into extraordinary.

Paul has been traveling around the world – speaking, mentoring and inspiring hundreds of thousands business people for over 30 years. He is also one of the founders of B1G1(Buy1GIVE1) initiative.



speaker01Kelly Lowry

Kelly mentors in all levels of SME business from: inception of a business through to all levels of Business Extension from presenting strategic workshops through to one on one mentorship. She is often a business inspiring speaker, speaking on everything from strategy to person business profiling.

Kelly’s experiences also exist in the Property Development business where she has been educating in all practices from renovations, sub divisions, strata titles, residential, mixed use retail, commercial developments over the past 20 years.

Kelly’s wealth ultimately comes from understanding a balance of overall Wellness, and this has been another aspect to her mentorship programs – ideally it is the art of taking the body and mindset on a Quantum Shift journey to expand beyond limits, believes and conditioning to work at higher capacities

donnaDonna Meredith
Donna Meredith is the creator and lead coach of Live it up Coaching. A personal development specialist, mentor, speaker and ‘director of flow’, Donna teaches powerful techniques in self awareness and consciousness enabling every individual to tap into their potential.

Specialising in working with individuals to discover empowerment, access their strengths, discover your true capabilities and get their life into full circle perspective – from creating amazing relationships to building confidence for business.



MichelleMichelle Clarke
Michelle Clarke is a business development expert, social entrepreneur and director of Talent Dynamics.  She is committed to providing businesses and organisations the opportunity to transform performance through experiencing the benefits of trust and flow.

A former Head of Leadership Development for Retail at Marks & Spencer PLC, she left in 2005 to build her own business using Wealth Dynamics as the primary tool for facilitating team and business success for her clients.

In that time she launched the stepUp Foundation into the UK in 2008 with 500 young people, giving teenager’s access to inspiring speakers and mentors.  Until 2009 Michelle was also head of global international social entrepreneurs network XLRF, building global teams and developing leaders in 22 countries and 55 cities around the world.
She started Talent Dynamics in 2009 from her kitchen table, using her experience and expertise to adapt the principles of Wealth Dynamics to apply to teams in the corporate sector.  In less than 4 years Michelle has grown Talent Dynamics to operate in 15 countries.
Michelle’s journey has led her across the world, to the doors of business leaders and experts.  Even to the halls of 10 Downing Street!  During that time she has been nominated for inspiring women awards and shortlisted for entrepreneur awards including female entrepreneur of the year 2012.

johnJohn Abbott

As an events promoter John has had the most incredible opportunities to have connected and worked with and promoted for some of the most inspiring people on the planet including: Roger Hamilton, Dr John Demartini, Paul Dunn, Patch Adams, Don Tolman, Sir Richard Branson and Deepak Chopra to name a few.

John now lives in Bali with his wife and adopted daughter Allegra. John shows business owners how to live, learn and love what you do from an island anywhere in the world.

Imagine waking up in paradise each day and commanding your business from your laptop. Your dashboard showing you all that’s going on financially, your team checking in from around the world and then seeing the sales your partners made for you while you slept. Get ready to be delighted and stretched.

sandraSandra Morrell

Sandra is a Multi Million dollar business Success story.. having turned just one of her businesses from a zero to a $6.5 million dollar success by adding just a few simple systems and processes.. that enabled the business to be replicated across 38 agencies.. it was right then that Sandra understood the value of leverage and multiplying in business.

She is a visionary, wanting to give back to small businesses as she knows how tough it is right now in the market as she has owned, sold and built or worked with hundred’s of small businesses in the past 25 years.

She now heads up a successful business consulting and mentoring service including Aspire, Business Accelerate, Women Who Lead and Entrepreneurs Institute Australia.

Sandra’s message is simple “to have your business work for you.. not the other way round”.. will put the purpose back into your life!

Entries close: Monday 31st March 2014

Who should enter The Impact Entrepreneur Award:

This opportunity is not available to everyone.  This is for impact entrepreneurs who are already having an impact but need to spread their message further.  It is also for entrepreneurs who have built connections within their niche and who want to find incredible products and services to meet their needs. It is for people who are out there doing good things for the world.

iLab is perfect for you if you already have an existing business that you are looking to manage remotely or grow globally, or if you’re launching a new start-up.

Any businessperson can enter The Impact Entrepreneur Award, but a business that is already making a positive change in the world through the work they are doing and are focused on extending their reach right around the world,  we’re looking specifically for someone like you. with a business or a business idea that is going to make a lasting, positive impact on the world.


What our iLab Graduates are saying about their amazing experience at iLab earlier in the year

graceIt’s been an absolutely amazing journey. The environment, being immersed in all these people that are so passionate about what they do. Especially with the trader energy being very much a grounding energy.

Grace Lai, Sydney, Australia



vivanI was busy, busy, busy, busy in my business. Doing, doing, doing. Working in my business and not on it. The opportunity to come to iLab for a whole month and work on my business and not “in” it, was absolutely liberating.

I’ve actually started a new business while I am here, and I got another two that I started two years ago that I am resurrecting as well.

Freeing my mind to give me the space for it all to come back again.

The most surprising thing has been the connections I’ve made with the people here.
Bali has got a special magic.

Don’t hesitate for a minute. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences.

Vivian Bateman, QLD, Australia

scottI am here at iLab to really take my business to the next level.

The participants and their range of experience and the way we could actually collaborate and share knowledge with each other was probably the big surprise in this. Because, there is so much value that we get out of the mentors, and then you get this additional value from people’s own experiences.

I knew my why intellectually, but now I’ve grown and developed it into a much deeper place. My “Why”, my mission as an entrepreneur is to provide cash flow to other people so they can follow their passion, give back to the community and spend time with their friends and family.

If you’re scared about coming to iLab, you need to come to iLab. If you think you know it all, you need to come to iLab. If you’re wanting to connect with people and build a team around your business, you need to come to iLab. I can’t think any one, accept for someone who is stuck in a job… actually no, they need to come to ilab too. Because I think that miracles will happen here.

Whether you’re starting a business, creating a business, taking it to another level, if you understand the wealth spectrum and understand the levels there, it doesn’t matter what level you’re at, this will help you get to the next level.

My vision now is so much bigger.

Scott Caporale, Ubud, Bali Indonesia

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Award Terms & Conditions

* The prizes are transferable to an appointed attendee however are not transferable towards any other program, product or service.
+ The cash prizes are not redeemable as cash and must be used for iLAB; Asia’s First Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator within 2014.
- Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer ends as at the 31st March 2014.
- To be used within the next 12 months.