Asia's first Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator


iLAB is the first Resort Entrepreneur Accelerator in Asia. Hosted by Entrepreneurs Institute, and located at Vision Villas, Bali, the program includes one month accommodation, co-working, training and mentoring for entrepreneurs. The program is limited to 15 entrepreneurs. You may have an existing business you are looking to manage remotely or grow globally, or you may be launching a new start-up. The mix of the work environment, peer review, training sessions, shared resources and access to experts will dramatically accelerate your progress in a way that no other consulting or in-house training can. 


Benefits of the iLAB incubator include:

A focused resort-style working environment to get a taste of work life balance in paradise

Surround yourself with dynamic entrepreneurs and experts for instant support & feedback

Training sessions on how to work remotely & build a global, anytime-anyplace business.

Tap into experts on list building, translation, Internet marketing, online best practices

Hands-on assistance in refining your message, creating your videos, media & web sites

Mix work with adventure, relaxation and fun, and learn the skills to work from anywhere

Only $13,700 for accommodation & program


The one month program is based on Roger James Hamilton’s Wealth Lighthouse, with five key fundamentals that are focused on. These are the core elements in living a life by design, and having control on the level of income you create and value you deliver:

1. Life Design – A clear vision for what success and fulfillment looks like to you, in all aspects of your life, including your wealth, health, energy, relationships and environment.

2. Managing Flow – Optimising your effectiveness in your time and communication, getting clarity in how to gain the greatest flow through your natural path and rhythm.

3. Identify your Identity – How to develop a market position to create ongoing attraction whilst living anywhere in the world – starting with Bali.

4. Master your Market - How to build the products, partnerships, service and systems to build a world class business that can keep you mobile and master of where and when you work.

5. Monetize your Moment – How to create effective promotions that deliver results and income, with a process of testing and measuring to ensure ongoing improvements in your business.

All participants on the program will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new rhythm within their life and business. Each weekday will include a 3 hour learning session from 9am to 12pm, as well as some afternoon learning sessions, 1:1 and group mentor sessions usually after lunch, daily Q&As and special events during the week. Everyone will set their own personal goals and review their learning and progress towards their goals each week.


The weekly schedule of iLab follows a seven day cycle, creating a rhythm designed around the five frequencies of Wealth Dynamics:


Welcome to Vision Villas,
Bali’s Personal Enrichment Resort

“We created the Vision Villa resort as a sanctuary to get vision and give vision. The vision we trust that our guests will get is in the flow of water and sculptures through the resort, our unique library and rooms named after Balinese gods. The vision we know our guests will give is through our connection with the John Fawcett Foundation, whose selfless work in restoring the eyesight of local Balinese we have supported since the launch of our resort. This means your stay is directly contributing to the gift of vision in Bali. Vision comes in the form of both sight and insight, and our philosophy is summed up by the quote from Helen Keller, written on the wall of Vision Villas Resort: “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”

Roger & Renate Hamilton, Founders of Vision Villas Resort

A boutique resort tailored to travelers and groups who seek to retreat, reflect, revive and renew.
Located away from Bali’s tourist belt, Vision Villas offers a seventeen room retreat tailored to learning and discovery, with luxurious rooms, water gardens, gorgeous outdoor pavilions and Bali’s most comprehensive library of books and DVDs – covering all subjects from health, wealth and leadership to relationships and personal growth.

Vision Villas creates the perfect opportunity and environment for a life changing experience. A haven of tranquil seclusion; it is the perfect location for relaxation, introspection and transformation.


1. What is the outline of the topics that will be dealt with each day of the program?

iLab has a full and comprehensive curriculum that empowers the Business owner to develop the knowledge and confidence within a trusted and supported environment, to ensure their business runs profitably and effectively without them.

2. Will the training mainly be classroom based or group based assignments or mostly individual assignments relevant to my business?

iLab has been designed to be a blend of both structured workshop style sessions and informal forums which enables both specialist and peer based learning  during which attendees have the opportunity to question, brainstorm and discuss business and leadership opportunities and challenges.

3. There is a reference to industry experts who will assist, please let me know who they are and what their specialities are.

Our industry experts will be leaders in their fields of both Business and Entrepreneurial success.  We only invite proven and trusted educators to empower you with the skill-set to ensure you can prepare both logistically and personally for what is required to position yourself to ‘work ON’ your business successfully.

4. During the month, how much time will be spent on me and my individual business vs general teaching?

iLab has been designed for you to ‘learn & implement’ during your experience.  You will have access to group learning’s followed by allocated time to personally implement your learning’s.  This proven method ensures that should you come up against an obstacle you have the expert support around you to assist you to the next level.


Experts and industry specialists will be attending at key times during iLab and will be available at different times before and after their presentations for one on one support. You will also be amongst a powerful and robust network for ongoing business development opportunities and support.

6. How much interaction will we have with Roger Hamilton?

Roger Hamilton will be hosting iLab and providing expert knowledge during your iLab experience.

7. I am taking my children with me to Bali, what can they do during the month?  (they cannot be enrolled into the Green School and the Green Camps are not during this period)

Bali is full of great opportunities for family members accompanying iLab participants..

Have a look at for some of our recommended adventures.

8. Can you give me some more detail around iLab?

Key Benefits:

✓ Unleash the Entrepreneur in YOU

✓ Take control of your Life and Business

✓ Design your customised ‘Business Dashboard’

✓ Work ON the Business vs IN

✓ Be an effective Motivator & Leader

✓ Manage your time, priorities & focus areas

✓ Implement change within a supported environment

✓ Develop communication skills to influence & negotiate

✓ Connect with a powerful & robust peer network


•           Each week will have a clear learning challenge/outcome What, Who, When, How, Why

•           20 structured sessions planned for Weekdays (4 weeks x 5 = 20)

•           Session times/content could change without notice

•           Sessions will be held in the morning.. Finish approx 1pm

•           Creative/Implementing time available in the afternoon

•           Mix of structured, informal and peer group sessions

•           Tools provided to self create audio’s/DVD’s/Youtube

•           Expert support available to all participants

•           Key support available for Weekdays & as Emcee?

•           Weekly speakers panel – Q & A time

•           Networking, Social, Family & Fun activities optional

9. When should I arrive in Bali?

Check in by 3pm of the day your program starts.

10. Airport Transfers

Airport transfers are at US$25 per trip

11. Meals

Breakfast is included with the rooms.


Roger Hamilton

Roger James Hamilton is a world renowned futurist and social entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Entrepreneurs Institute and Chairman of Green School, Bali. He is the creator of the Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics profiling systems, used by over 100,000 entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

Each year, Roger meets with leading changemakers and entrepreneurs on his Fast Forward your Business Events, held in Asia, Australia, UK and USA. At the events Roger shares the Top 10 Trends in Business, and shares the latest tools and technologies for business owners to ride the waves of change.

Behind all of Roger’s companies and content is the mission of World Wide Wealth: Collectively shaping a brighter future through 3 catalysts to change – Environment; Education & Entrepreneurship

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