“Everyone’s a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree
it will go through its whole life thinking that it’s stupid.”

In a world of information overload, you don’t need more information. You need clear direction: How to follow the best next step for you right now. That begins by knowing your personal, natural path.

Our assessments are the most widely used by entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world to find their natural path and the best fit for their team members. This gives you a personalised strategy of what to do, and when to do it, that’s natural to you. It allows you to get in sync with the cycle of your team, business and industry. It allows you to follow the right role models and build the right team.

Try it for yourself! Here are our three main tests to learn who you are:

whats-your-genius-logo-square(150)The Genius Test

What path should you follow in life? When you follow your natural genius, life becomes a joy. But if you focus on your weaknesses, everything becomes hard work. Take the free, one minute Genius Test, and discover your genius.

WD-Logo-minustext[150]Wealth Dynamics

Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading entrepreneur profiling test. It’s the only personality test that tells you exactly what strategy you should follow to build wealth. Of all the vastly different ideas, strategies, businesses and investments that you could pursue, Wealth Dynamics narrows it down for you … precisely.

td-logo-150Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is the corporate version of Wealth Dynamics. It’s team test for large companies and teams to build trust and flow. When you are in a team in Flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, you have more fun and feel more connected to the organisation.


We are each at a different level in our business and wealth creation. Your next step depends on exactly where you are right now.

In August 2014, Roger launches his new book, the Millionaire Master Plan in the US. The book is a blueprint of the 9 levels of wealth. When you take the Millionaire Master Plan test, you will find the level you are at right now, and the steps to take to move to the next level.

Just starting your first start-up? Hands full with multiple businesses? Trying to quit your job (or keep it?) Wherever you are, you are at one of the 9 levels in the Wealth Lighthouse. To get from “A” to “B”, you need to start by knowing where “A” is.


Book your pre-launch copy now, and receive a $2,000 value pack.



“In simplest terms, a leader is one who knows
where he wants to go, and gets up, and goes.”

How clear is your vision of your future? Most of us only have a hazy picture of where we’re going because things are changing too rapidly and we believe too much of the future is out of our control. Not true! The leaders and entrepreneurs your admire? They had a very clear image of their future, and took the steps to make it happen. At Entrepreneurs Institute, everyone we work with develops a ‘future vision’ which not only serves you, it shapes the world we are creating together. Join us at one of the following events we run, to connect to your future self:.

Fast Forward your Business Tour: Learn the Top 10 Future Trends that will impact your business in Roger’s one day event, held annually in citires across Australia, Asia, Europe and USA.

Millionaire Master Plan Challenge: Join our eight week challenge with entrepreneurs around the world to transform your future path using the steps in the Millionaire Master Plan.

Millionaire Master Plan Academy: Join our four day retreat in Bali or Hawaii to redesign your business and your life around your natural path.


Once you have clarity on who you are, where you are and where you are going. Entrepreneurs Institute provides you with the specific steps that show you HOW to get there. We do this using a series of tools and programs personalised to you, based on your path and your level.

You can join our online platform, GeniusU, for free, where you can assess yourself at each step of the Wealth Lighthouse. You can connect with one of our Entrepreneurs Institute Practitioners for even more personalised support. You can join our one month iLab accelerator at our Entrepreneur Resort in Bali (with a second opening soon in Hawaii.

And when you are ready, you can apply to join Roger’s personal mentoring program for entrepreneurs committed to making significant progress each month in their business and life.

Whichever level you play at, having the specific steps to take ensures you are always focused at the one biggest thing that is most important for your progress right now.



GeniusU Learning Platform

Designed for entrepreneurs, with personalised assessments, step-by-step plans and content in video, audio and mobile format, experienced and shared by a vibrant community.

Entrepreneurs Institute Practitioners

Join our eight week challenge with entrepreneurs around the world to transform your future path using the steps in the Millionaire Master Plan.

Bali iLab Entrepreneur Accelerator

Join our four day retreat in Bali or Hawaii to redesign your business and your life around your natural path.